Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Herschel Walker speaks to supporters of former President Donald Trump during a rally at the Banks County Dragway on March 26, 2022, in Commerce, Georgia. - Megan Varner/Getty Images North America/TNS

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger, more staff members who worked on Herschel Walker's failed campaign for the U.S. Senate are coming out of the woodwork to expose the dysfunction that plagued the bid by the former football great to enter politics at the behest of Donald Trump.

While multiple aides to the Republican candidate have admitted that they were working with a political novice burdened with multiple scandals and reports of mental health issues, some of the new complaints are being aimed at Walker's current wife and his agent, both of whom crippled efforts to boost his chances.

According to the Beast's Roger Sollenberger, "This account of Walker as a lying, delusional, confused, misled candidate—eager to believe what sounded good and dismiss the bad—is based on interviews with five campaign staffers and people close to the candidate. Staffers painted a picture of a man who was personally charming—a congenial, generous Southerner who would always inquire about his staff’s well-being—but who was often seeking and accepting advice from the least experienced people in the room: namely, his 'redpilled' wife Julie Blanchard, as two staffers put it, and his friend and sometime agent Michele Beagle."

Speaking bluntly, one staffer argued, "Pardon my french, but f*ck Julie and f*ck Michele Beagle," with Sollenberger adding the staffer likened, "Blanchard to 'Lady Macbeth' and Beagle’s amoebic role as campaign chair to a 'minister without portfolio.'"

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Another campaign aide added, "The best spouses know how to calm the candidate, but Julie was more like an accelerant for Walker’s worst instincts.”

According to the Beast report, "Staff and advisers said Blanchard and Beagle posed a running challenge throughout the campaign: a group of experienced political operatives wrangling an unfocused, unreliable candidate away from distractions and unhelpful influences," with one aide lamenting, "We held it together best we could, with f*cking duct tape and Band-Aids.”

Another staffer took aim at a proposal by Walker's wife to try and get rapper Cardi B involved with the campaign just because of a tweet she made.

“Julie wanted Cardi B on the campaign trail,” the staffer admitted. "The person who sings ‘Wet *ss P*ssy,’ and you want to bring her on the campaign trail to appeal to conservatives, just because she tweeted that we’re in a recession?”

Sollenberg also reported, "But other decisions may have had real consequences. For instance, after conspicuously distancing himself from Walker for months, Kemp reached out in October to invite Walker to a joint rally the night before the general election," adding, "The Walker campaign declined, however, favoring their own pre-planned rally, with staffers citing various reasons, including logistical hurdles and what one staffer characterized as a lingering antipathy towards Kemp among Walker’s inner circle. In hindsight, three staffers said, the last-minute joint appearance could have converted uneasy Kemp voters the next day—or at least stopped some from ticking the box for Warnock, which they did in droves."

As one aide now puts it, "If we had to do that one over again, probably would have made sense to do the Kemp rally."

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